Celebrating 10 Years of Avatar - "Find the Glowing Avatar" Contest
Celebrating 10 Years of Avatar - "Find the Glowing Avatar" Contest
Posted by SMBH on February 21st, 2015 @ 2:18 PM EST (788)

Aang and Korra
Avatar: The Last Airbender premiered on Nickelodeon on February 21st, 2005. And now -- 61 episodes, several comics, and one awesome sequel series later -- we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the amazing franchise that has so enriched our lives for the last decade.

To commemorate the occasion, here at ASN we are having a contest! The contest is called Find the Glowing Avatar, and you can find the contest rules and all sorts of extra details (including the awesome prizes!) by following THIS LINK to its entry in our Contests page.

The TL;DR of the contest is like this: there are several images of glowing Avatars hiding in the pages of the ASN mainsite and forums. You need to find them and identify what episode they come from. And you have ONE WEEK to do this!

Have fun, and happy 10th Aangiversary, everyone! ^_^

You can talk about the contest (but without revealing the location of the hidden Glowing Avatars!) in this thread in our forums.

Brief Contest Info

(For more details, go to the Official Contest Page)

This contest begins today on 21st February 2015 and will end on 28th February 2015 (at 11:59pm US Eastern Time). The contest is called Find the Glowing Avatar, and your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to crawl through ASN to find the little pictures of a glowing Avatar and tell us what episode they come from.


The rules for this contest are:
  1. You must be a member of the AvatarSpirit.Net forums. If you don't have an account yet, you can sign up for one for free.

  2. One contest entry per household to be fair to everyone.

  3. One submission of ALL images found per person. Do NOT send one email per image found; send them all together in one email when you have discovered them all.

  4. Contest submissions must be emailed to contests@avatarspirit.net with the subject line "10th Anniversary Contest"

  5. Please refrain from discussing on where you found the images, it won't be fair to those who painstakingly took the time to find them.

You have one week to find all the Glowing Avatar images. There are 15 images of Aang in the Avatar State with the word GLOW in them, hidden somewhere on ASN, in some of the pages of the ASN mainsite as well as in some posts of the ASN forums, just waiting for you to find them!

Once you have found ALL the images and identified the episode each image comes from, please use the template given in the Official Contest Page and email it together with your forum username to contests@avatarspirit.net to submit your contest entry.

Note that the URL should be the most direct URL possible. For example, if it's in the forums, link directly to the post that has the image, not the page or the thread. For the episode, you can tell us the episode title (e.g., "The Great Divide") or the episode number (e.g., ATLA 111 or ATLA S1E11).


There will be three prizes for this contest. The first person to get all the answers correct or the closest answer when the deadline is up will win the first prize, second person to find them wins second prize, and third person wins the third prize.

  • First Prize: One Appa plushie and one SDCC 2009 poster featuring Aang and sky bisons in a meadow

  • Second Prize One Naga plushie and one The Legend of Korra poster* signed by Janet Varney, voice actress of Korra (* this poster will be mailed to you by Janet so you must be okay with her knowing your address)

  • Third Prize: One Library edition (hardcover) of The Search comic

So keep an eye out for Glowing Avatars! Those Glowing Aangs (and maybe other glowing avatars, who knows?) are just itching to be found.

Have fun and happy 10th anniversary to Avatar: The Last Airbender!


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In the mainsite: there are no hidden Glowing Avatars in any of the episode transcripts (for either series), nor are there any hidden Glowing Avatars masquerading as screenshots (for either series).

In the forums: there are no hidden Glowing Avatars in any of the following boards: TLOK, TLOK Episodes, TLOK Spoilers, Angry Spirits, Debate and Discussion, Creative Works, The Dojo, and Sokka's Sock Drawer.

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