NYCC 2008 Con Report
NYCC 2008 Summary

1 - Megan Casey (Executive in Charge for Nickelodeon)
2 - Bryan Konietzko (Co-creator)
3 - Michael DiMartino (Co-creator)

The panel started late because they were having technical problems with their laptops. The moderator, Megan Casey, made an announcement that they were having technical difficulties, which was met with "aww" from the audience, to which she replied "Aw come on, Avatar fans love waiting, right?", and the audience laughed. After a while, they decided to start the panel anyway while they still tried to figure out how to fix the problem with the laptops.

Megan then introduced the panel, thanking the fans for making Avatar one of the top shows on Nickelodeon and one of the best-selling DVDs. She also thanked everyone for being patient during the hiatus, and added that it will be well worth the wait. She then introduced Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino, and that was quickly followed by a video showing of the trailer for the remainder of Season 3.

After the trailer, they showed a presentation with the help of the AV people, since it seems like they weren't able to figure out how to fix whatever was wrong with the computers.

First they showed a few slides with character designs, including Combustion Man, a character from "The Firebending Masters", a 'sloth-aardvark', a prison guard, a prisoner, Sokka and Katara as little kids, among others.

Then they showed background designs, among them, the Western Air Temple, the "Pyramid City" background that was also shown at SDCC last year, a "scary prison", Katara and Sokka's village from when they were babies, and a Fire Nation theater.

After that they showed a title slide that said "Live Action Feature: Concept Designs". They mentioned the fact that Avatar is getting adapted into alive-action movie coming out July 2nd, 2010, and they said that they are very involved in the movie. Then they proceeded to show what they called "concept designs" for the movie. They joked through the entire thing, since the concept designs turned out to really be character designs for the episode "The Ember Island Players".

And then they showed a sneak peek of episode 317, "The Ember Island Players", an episode where the Gaang go see a play about their adventures. After that they showed clips from two episodes that are coming up, one from "The Western Air Temple" and another one with the return of Suki. The last video showed was an encore of the trailer.

The last part of the panel was a Q&A session. Since time was running out, there was only time for eight people to ask questions.

Here's a few additional pieces of information that were released:

- Mike and Bryan are working very hard to finish the series off, and they think everyone will be satisfied with the end of the series.
- Katara has had hair loopies since she was a little girl.
- There will be an episode where they deal with what happened to Katara's mom, and it's going to be a tearjerker, probably one of the most intense episodes in the series.
- "The Ember Island Players" is probably the funniest episode in the series.
- The idea for "The Ember Island Players" had been pitched to them at the beginning of season 3. The idea was rejected at first, but then they changed their mind.
- Suki comes back and joins the Gaang.
- The Gaang's Fire Nation outfits make a comeback.
- It has been confirmed yet again that there will be no Air book.
- We won't find out any details about Iroh's trip to the Spirit World in what's left of the series, nor is there any information about his wife.
- Koh will briefly return.
- Mike and Bryan don't know why Canada got episodes before the US.
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