NYCC 2013 Summary
NYCC 2013 Summary

1 - Bryan Konietzko (Co-creator)
2 - Joaquim Dos Santos (Co-executive producer)
3 – Janet Varney (Korra)
4 – P.J. Byrne (Bolin)
5 – Steve Yeun (Wan)

The panel started with Bryan saying Mike was in India getting in touch with the spirit world. We then jump right into the upcoming episode: "The Beginnings Part 1". Rather then explain the episode in-depth I'll just say it was immediately evident Studio Mir was back at the helm of animation. Wan, the original Avatar explores the "spirit wilds", and channeling Studio Ghibli, meets assorted spirits in a classic animation style. There's also a scene where Wan learns firebending from dragons and everyone went absolutely crazy—reminiscing on "The Firebending Masters" with Aang and Zuko.

After the ending of the episode amidst a cacophony of applause the panel begins. The panelists throw questions at each other where we learn that Steve Yeun was previously a fan of Avatar and nervous to take the lead on the voice of the original Avatar, Wan. We also learn P.J. Byrne's favorite Korra line (scene) is:

Bolin: Right, friends. No, no, I didn't mean to imply.
Korra: Oh, you implied it.

And Janet's favorite Bolin line is: "I want... to be... on... your back... please!" which happened to be improvised by P.J.

After some more questions Bryan delves into the different aspects of creating an episode. The scene they show us is from an upcoming episode where Korra AND Jinora visit the spirit world! First we see writing and editing. Then we glimpse some beautiful sketches of a massive whale-like creature, a jeweled butterfly, and a prairie dog/meerkat; all of which are spirits. We then get to see storyboarding, sound, music, color, dialogue and finally the finished product. It's quite amazing how fantastic even the rough sketches look. Bryan estimates each Korra episode requires roughly 15,000 drawings and tells the crowd to stop complaining about the long turnaround for seasons! BUT, he also says they are already doing the recordings for season 4 and into animating season 3!

Here's a few additional pieces of information that were released:

- Three creators of fan art have since been hired to work on the show
- The concept of Rava was thought up back in 2006
- All cities back in the era of Wan were on the backs of Lion Turtles!
- Lion Turtles can give and take bending at will.
- P.J. advises the audience to not to get in a relationship like Bolin and Eska have, and if you're in one, get out!
- Just to reiterate, Korra and Jinora go to the spirit world together. I feel that warrants two mentions.
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